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A letter from our Membership VP

Welcome to USC Gamma Phi Beta! We are thrilled that you are potentially interested in joining our sorority. Whether you’re interested in Gamma Phi Beta because of the sisterhood, philanthropy involvement, academic support, social, involvement opportunities and career support; there is a place for you in this sisterhood. 


I know recruitment can seem overwhelming with so much information at one time or you might be worried about being judged for looks, dress, money or whatever else the movies tell you Greek life is. I get it - I have been there and was once a potential new member too worried about the same things! I promise you that Gamma Phi Beta is a values driven organization and believes each person makes a unique impact on our growing sisterhood. We value ​diverse ideas, thoughts, backgrounds and interests in each individual that steps through our doors. 


Joining Gamma Phi Beta and the USC Panhellenic community (9 national sororities on campus) is a great way to open up your network among peers at USC and post-grad life as well; creating long lasting friendships and connections. With over 200,000 Gamma Phi Beta members around the world, the support and love that our members receive through the bonds of sisterhood extend both on the USC campus and far beyond. 


While at USC, our members can count on each other to always be there for them. Whether it is through your most difficult class, that big internship interview, your first on campus performance, all nighters in the library; your sisters are here for you. We love to just hang out too; movie nights on the lawn, late night study sessions, beach days, yoga classes, and getting ready together to go out to tailgates and formals. 


After graduation you can count on Gamma Phi Beta to be true and constant in your life. Almost every major city has a Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae chapter for you to still continue the connections, network and volunteering beyond college. 


Check out our other tabs for a breakdown of the recruitment experience and more information on how to join! 


We look forward to meeting you!

Katie harrington

Membership Vice President




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