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membership selection

We know recruitment can seem overwhelming with so much information at one time or you might be worried about being judged for looks, dress, money or whatever else the movies tell you Greek life is. We all get it - every member was once a potential new member and nervous or worried about the same things! 


Gamma Phi Beta is a values driven organization and believes each person can make a unique impact on our growing sisterhood. We value ​diverse ideas, thoughts, backgrounds and interests of each individual that steps through our doors to meet us. 


Our membership selection process is straightforward - it is based on our international Gamma Phi Beta values of Love, Labor, Learning and Loyalty.




Character and personality. Your authentic self. 


Philanthropic work and/or work experience.


Leadership potential, academic abilities and/or honors


Involvement and loyalty to others 

We hope this gives you peace of mind that we really are a values driven organization and you can feel safe and at home when visiting Gamma Phi Beta. We can't wait to get to know you and meet you soon!

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