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Diversity, Equity, and inclusion

We cannot hide the contributions Greek life has had in treating BIPOC with hostility and implementing and upholding discriminatory practices. USC Gamma Phi Beta cannot be excluded from contributing to this toxic culture. While we have previously attempted to combat exclusivity and encourage diversity both racially and financially, we have not done all that we can to make our organization actively inclusive and anti-racist. We apologize for contributing to a social system that has perpetuated both overt and covert racism and classism. We recognize the exclusionary structures inside our organization from high costs to join, to member obligations requiring large amounts of free time (often not enjoyed by working students), to innate preferences for Western beauty standards. Our privilege is clear and we are diligently working to combat such thought processes. We strive to be an organization that is representative of the world that we are living in and one that makes both USC students and the people of our surrounding communities feel welcome and comfortable

USC Gamma Phi Beta is filled with incredibly passionate, strong, smart, and forward-thinking women. Now is our time to step up and fight for what is right in our community. While our actions going forward cannot erase the pain that BIPOC have faced for hundreds of years, we are accepting responsibility for the past and acting now to change the future. 

Read below for our chapter's statement and ever-evolving action plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and check out our instagram to keep updated as we implement these changes into how we run our chapter.

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