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formal recruitment overview

What is Formal Recruitment?

Panhellenic’s formal recruitment process starts at the beginning of each Spring semester and is a structured way to meet every sorority on campus. Formal recruitment is a great way to become acclimated to the USC community and meet a lot of great ladies along the way. 

formal recruitment walkthrough


day 1 - open house

You will have the opportunity to meet each sorority for 45 minutes each. You will get to know a few members of each house. This is a great opportunity for you to just tell us about your hobbies, what you are interested in studying, and your hometown! This is also a great time to ask questions about sorority life and what makes Gamma Phi Beta special.

*Please note that recruitment is a mutual selection process for both parties. Invitation back to each day event(s) is not guaranteed.

Watch our Spring 2020 Bid Day video to see us welcome our newest pledge class home to Gamma Phi Beta!!

Some more pictures from formal recruitment and bid day this past spring!

Interested in Participating?

Please fill out the application on the Panhellenic website. Before recruitment, you will receive “PNM education”-- a deeper look into what the experience will be, rules to follow, etc. You will also be given Recruitment Counselors who will be your mentors throughout the process. These girls were carefully selected through a series of interviews and are here to help you have a positive experience!

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