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Our Executive Board


Andrea LaRson

I wanted to be in a leadership position in order to continue bolstering our chapter’s goals and visions. When I first joined Gamma Phi Beta, I was impressed with how much the members were able to uplift one another while influencing USC’s community. Yet I believe that although we should celebrate the work and accomplishments our chapter has done, we shouldn’t stop there. Greek life still contains many flaws that I strive to improve. And thus being president will now give me this opportunity to foster support and change for the good of our chapter’s and USC’s community.


As President, I am the liaison between USC, our chapter, and international headquarters of Gamma Phi Beta. It is my responsibility to facilitate communication, goals, and planning of the executive board within our chapter. I assist whenever and wherever needed and ensure that each department runs accordingly. In addition, I oversee and work with our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair in order to make sure every girl within our chapter understands this as a safe space along with bringing down old stereotypes, stigmas, and implementing necessary changes.

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